Wool a fantastic natural fabric
Wool duvets is a great option for you who sweat or freeze at night or suffering from rheumatism. Wool duvets keeps you body temperature on a stabil and pleasant temperature all year round.
A Wool duvet is:
  • Warmth-regulating: The wool has isolation qualities that will keep a nice body temperature regardless the room temperature around you.
  • Moist absorbing: The wool absorbes the moist from your body, to relase it again without making the duvet wet.
 The best wool
My "Supplier" is the Shropshire sheep. This wool is especially well suited for my products. The wool keeps strong and do not start to filter.
Bolster made in great cotton quality.
Handmade duvets keeps the shape
The wool comes in rolls to be placed on the bolster. At first the wool is sewn all around to the sides, that keeps the wool in place and you will never have to shake the wool filling into place again. Afterwards the waves are created on the whole length of the duvet, this will make sure that the wool will not start moving towards the middle.
Easy to look after
Washing is not neccesary. The Lanolin in the wool create together with the moist from your body a type of soap which keeps dirt and bacterias away. How to look after your duvet:
  • Hang your duvet outside in fresh air
  • Spot-cleanse the bolster with a wet cloth
  • Washing maschine wool program (30 grader), use wool soap.